Wednesday, December 4, 2013

First impressions with the Calculation Manager

Having read that Calculation Manager is now a mature product, I left aside some time for evaluating this new development environment for HFM. First, I consulted the material found on the net, and got immediately started. I wrote and tested all the typical calculation rules found in most of my client implementations.

Here is some must-read material that I found very useful during this endeavor:
It appears that there are benefits from moving to calculation manager, though I'm much concerned with productivity of rules writing. There is too much clicking around on the visual replacements of both logic and functions.

On the contrary, using a good text editor, which:
1. supports customization to highlight the HFM VBScipt syntax,
2. provides with custom function and subroutine quick lists,
3. bookmarks, and
4. intellisense
is way more productive to write old fashioned classic rules than using the calculation manager. Though it may be worth keeping with the currents, as is always the case with technology.

One thing I was curious about, was whether the process of deploying rules with the calculation manager is irreversible, like the metadata case. However, it seems that both classic and calculation manager rules can overwrite each other at any time. In addition as soon as there are rules implemented with the calculation manager, you can extract them as you would do with classic rules.

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